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Welcome to Oceans Massage 

Oceans Massage is a school which offers certificate classes with recognized educational credits with associations including NHPC, MTAS, CRMTA, CMMOTA, MTAM certificate classes including: Hot Stone Deep Tissue (2 Levels), Advanced Stone Techniques and Hot & Cold Stone (2 Levels), Muscle Fascia Cupping, Rattan Massage (Thai Style & Asian Style full body) &  "Essential Oils, Blends, Vita Flex & Raindrop Therapy", Work Smarter not Harder!   - classes held in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Saskatoon and Regina.  Clients include Hyatt Stillwater Spa, Prema Sai, Enjoy Center Edmonton and many more Therapeutic Clinics and Spas.  Fully registered as an RMT, trained as a past CIPI (Certified Injury Prevention Instructor) with Save Your Hands!, Oceans Massage is a recognized school for insurance purposes in Stone Therapy, Muscle Fasica Cupping & Rattan Massage with NHPC, RMTA and MTAS for RMT's. For DATES of CLASSES or to register  see www.hotstones.webs.com  or www.cuppingandtoolswebs.com  1-403-891-4822  jonibrestler@hotmail.com 

Owner & Instructor: Joni Brestler, RMT, CIPI, RM, BA

1-403-891-4822  jonibrestler@hotmail.com  Details on websites:   www.hotstones.webs.com  or www.cuppingandtools.webs.com

Let us Come to your Clinic or Spa

Contact us we provide training.  We provide manuals, tax receipts and training materials if required. Rates based on numbers of students and hours of training.  If your a therapist, you can register and take a class. 

Why take massage training with our Company?

With 18 years of experience and experience instructing at holistic colleges including CV School Edmonton, Wellington College Winnipeg and PIMT Saskatoon. Taught at Hyatt Stillwater, Enjoy Center, Prema Sai & many more clinics.